Model: 0.09
Series: Cast
Profile: N/A
Size: 18×9.5

Centre Finish: Gloss Gold
Lip Finish: N/A
Barrel Finish: N/A
Hardware: N/A

Car: Volkswagen
Model: Golf
Dealer: Autoalloys

After hearing about this crazy Golf sitting on our new 0.09 running a MX bike on it’s roof we had to see it for ourselves. So we sorted some flights and headed over to Belfast to feature it for the day. Landing in Belfast I was met by Samantha and her partner Ronan and we headed straight to Desert Martin MX circuit.

We first came across Samantha’s MK6 after Dubshed this year where she debuted it with it’s uniqueMX feature casually strapped to the roof. The first question was how do you go about putting andMX bike on the the roof of a Golf?

The idea came about from Ronan as a bit of a joke between friends over some drinks, next thing you know he designed and built a custom spring clamp system mounted on and existing roof rack to hold the bike securely. Getting the bike on the roof is the challenge, and takes a few pairs of hands plus a van. Sat still the bike will happily stay there but as we found when we began to move it does shift and begin to lean, but I’m sure with some straps and minor tweaking to pull it down you could achieve driving this around on the roof regularly.

Down to the car itself, MK6 Golf GTD running airlift slam series with manual set up built into the centre console. The car had a full respray by D.A Customs and tinted windows all round. Going witha set of Gold 0.09 Samantha wanted to go for a tight fit with the wheels so opted for 18” 9.5 all round.This car sits perfect lip to arch on the front with generous tuck on the rear. Wheels supplied by AutoAlloys

For the future she has plans to go with a full custom exhaust sytem by JSM Automotive with a customextended carbon diffuser. Then to finalise it all, a custom boot build.

With a mixture of summer showers and bright sunshine, typical Irish weather, we managed to finalise on capturing what we needed and decided to take the car out for some rolling shots. Navigating through the tight country roads whilst filming out of the van was no easy task. Although we were at slow speeds the bike did shift a couple of times and had to be re aligned.

Once back from shooting the rolling shots we parked up on the start finish line of the circuit to finalise some shots on the track itself. Having this car parked on a British championship circuit with a MX bike on its roof really showed how unique Samantha has made her car, going against the grain and doing something completely her own to stand out from the rest. We look forward to seeing the progress she makes and the changes to come in the near future.

Photo Credit: 3sdm