3SDM 0.01 Satin black

3SDM 0.01 Satin black

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3SDM 0.01 Satin black


Introducing the 0.01, our very first wheel to put 3SDM firmly on the map.

Designing such a wheel isn?t easy as what you may think. Everything needs to be questioned and thrown into the mix; Depth of the concave? Width between spokes? Shape of the individual spokes? Just millimeters of difference can make or break a wheel. Creating a design that will compliment a range of cars is quite the task, but we think the 0.01 really works.

Available in Silver Cut & Satin Black.

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18×8.5 5×100/35, 18×9.5 5×100/35, 18×8.5 5×112/45, 18×9.5 5×112/40, 19×8.5 5×112/32, 19×8.5 5×112/42, 19×9.5 5×112/40, 19×8.5 5×120/38, 19×9.5 5×120/33


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