3SDM 0.08 Silver cut

3SDM 0.08 Silver cut

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3SDM 0.08 Silver cut


?It?s a 0.05 with the spoke cut out? is what we?ve been hearing since we launched th is wheel. To be honest, that?s where the idea came from started out but pretty much every angle and line has been reworked since then to produce a much more modern looking wheel.

We have also stepped up the sizes with 20?9.0 and 20?10.5 so they?re perfect for filing up those larger arches.

Available in Silver Cut.

Additional information

Size / fitment

20×9.0 5×112/25, 20×10.5 5×112/27 X-Concave, 20×9.0 5×112/35, 20×10.5 5×112/35, 20×9.0 5×114.3/38, 20×10.5 5×114.3/42, 20×9.0 5×120/18, 20×10.5 5×120/27 X-Concave, 20×9.0 5×120/38, 20×10.5 5×120/42


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