Model: 3.01
Series: FR
Profile: Flat
Size: 20×9.0 / 20×12.5

Centre Finish: Matt Black
Lip Finish: Gloss Black
Barrel Finish: Brushed
Hardware: Gold

Car: Audi
Model: R8 V10 LB
Year: 2009
Dealer: Down & Out

When you think of a first generation R8 it’s overall style and design is still fresh and clean even by todays standards. Audi themselves didn’t even switch it up much when it came to it’s second gen. Over 10 years on and the only effective thing to do style wise would be to add a wide body kit. Chris Hazell at Down & Out did just this. Although not the first in the world but still in the UK he has done a killer job. We have seen our fare share of Liberty Walk cars now, and we can safely say Chris has done an incredible job with this one, dare we say it maybe the best we have seen so far.

We spent the day over at Down & Out Customs to feature the build. Chris has been in the industry for a while but recently traded in doing the 9-5 on you every day cars and set up Down & Out so he could focus his creativity and skills to a more higher end market and custom builds such as this.

Once set up we cracked on with filming. Firstly capturing the car on the ramp fitting the wheels and getting it back onto the floor. With the addition of the carbon splitter, side skirts and diffuser this car is extremely low to the ground. Even with the airrex system aired all the way up it wasn’t even possible to use the ramp in the work shop to get it up in the air. So Chris built a custom ramp to roll on and off before the ramp arms could physically get underneath.

Slinky the dachshund was on hand to keep us company and entertained through the feature, but quickly hid away in the office as soon as that V10 fired up and we began to move the shoot outside into the sunshine.

Once outside in the light the finer details and carbon additions became very apparent. There are two type of kits you can get for this car, Carbon Fibre or Glass-Reinforced Plastic. Both offerings are identical in appearance, but the carbon fibre defiantly offsets way better, especially against the gloss black paint work.

Down to the wheels, after some back and forth with a couple ideas we sent Chris a shot of an LB R8 out in China we had done a set for in the past. He decided he wanted to go with the same set up so we built him up a set of Forged 3.01 FR Series, 20×9 Front, 20×12.5 Rear 5×112

To compliment the deathed out theme of the car we decided to go with anodised black centres with gloss black lips and barrels to match, then finally chrome gold hardware to offset against it all. We feel this set up really compliments the overall style and look of the car without being too garish but instead more refined with a motorsport feel.

Couple hours later we were all done and could safely say we had captured every possible angle, this is where we would have then taken the car for a cruise and captured some rolling shots or maybe even to a secondary location. Unfortunately due to the freshness of the build the car is still not registered for the road so this was not possible

To finalise, Chris and all those involved have done an amazing job and we look forward to hopefully working alongside Down & Out again with there future projects.

Make sure to catch this in the flesh at Gravity show this weekend (16/07/17) on the Performance Co stand to take a look yourself.

Photo Credit: 3SDM